About TJ Anderson

Author, Holistic Health Hacker, Clinical Health Coach, Brand Ambassador, Healthcare Entrepreneur, Speaker

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Over the course of my career, I’ve helped empower and activate hundreds of busy men and women to jump-start their lifestyle or accelerate their health and performance to the next level. (But it's not about ME. It's about WE.)



Over the last five years I’ve been honored to work with hundreds of men and women to support them in their personal path to greater health, energy and mental and physical performance. Here are a few examples of clients who’ve thanked me for supporting them in their journey.

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Serving as a mascot for a Big Ten Football team in college and an Arena Football team post-college was a lot of fun. But in December of 2013 I decided to remove the mask and act on a calling to explore the world of modeling in Miami, Florida. (Cue the Zoolander jokes.) In searching of the elusive perfect body, I fell into ego and what I call “perfection mindset”. I felt alone and scared only focusing on the physical. Plus my quintessential six pack wasn’t “good enough” for the cameras in South Beach, spinning me down a spiral of self-judgment and belief that I wasn't "good enough". 

As a health coach and fitness instructor, I thought modeling in a major city could serve as a platform to spread my message of healthy living to the world. But the truth was at 25, my ego was still fully alive. And deep down my heart was hungry for more self-love as well as deep emotional and spiritual healing- from God and my friends and family- before I could help others. 

Thankfully I returned home to Iowa, reconnected with my community of friends and family, and attended a “heart opening ceremony”. This would mark the start of what I call my journey of “Self Healization”- the process in which I intentionally started healing my body, mind, heart and soul and reached a new level of feeling whole.

I cover a lot of these stories in my book, The Art of Health Hacking: How to Coach Yourself to Next Level Health, Stress Less and Build Healthy Habits That Matter. While writing this book I also researched and explored more advanced biohacking techniques, such as grounding, light therapy, fasting, detox therapies, ketogenic diet, nootropics, advanced lab testing, while also interviewing top health experts and biohackers about their own journey's. During this time I was able to notice a big boost in my mental and physical performance and my overall health and energy- that is until I payed a visit to the ER for low sodium/dehydration after too much caffeine from Bulletproof Coffee. 

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Thankfully I spent the following six months getting best-in-class testing and feedback from functional medicine practitioners to optimize my numbers, heal my body, and create a healthier relationship with caffeine and other nootropics (brain-boosting smart-drugs).

Thankfully both modeling and my visit to the ER were two of my greatest teachers.

Modeling taught me how to realize what really matters in our health is “beyond the physical”: WE ARE MORE THAN OUR LOOKS. It’s ok to “look good in the mirror”, but true beauty is an inside job and is found in deep, meaningful relationships with ourselves, God, and close friends and family.

And the Visit to the ER taught me how to realize I don’t have all the answers in my health. It’s ok slow down, ask for help, and build a powerful healthcare team to help optimize my health and energy based on blood work, micronutrient deficiency testing, genetic testing, and other advanced clinical tests.


  • 2010 - Graduated from the University of Iowa with a double major- Business Finance and Insurance- and went to work at a big Insurance Company in Iowa

  • 2011 - Started going crazy in my cubicle, noticed the unhealthy habits around the office and became interested in yoga and nutrition

  • 2012 - Fired from my job (thank God) after visiting my sister in Japan and luckily landed my “Dream Job” for the Healthiest State Initiative- Iowa’s public-private partnership plan to become the healthiest state in the nation. (Don’t laugh. Mighty goals we Iowans have.)

  • 2013 - Completed two different health coach trainings and became certified as an INSANITY Group fitness instructor. I started working as a health coach and fitness instructor for the YMCA Healthy Living Center- coaching clients and leading group classes mixed with yoga and INSANITY.

  • 2014 - Launched EntreHealth, a health coaching program for high performing entrepreneurs. I also moved to Miami, FL to model on South Beach for four months and then returned home to Iowa to reflect on life and heal my heart. I quit drinking alcohol and started the “30 Day No Alcohol Challenge” on Facebook. 

  • 2015 - Took a break from health coaching to do more self-coaching and started writing  my book, The Art of Health Hacking, about these experiences. I also became a Bulletproof Ambassador, leading Bulletproof Coffee demos around Iowa, and took a full-time job as the head of new Business Development for the Clinical Health Coach, an international health coach training organization transforming how health professionals communicate with their patients.

  • 2016 - Went to the ER for low sodium in February after leading a Bulletproof Coffee demo with Lululemon- too much caffeine! I quickly bought a one way ticket to San Diego, California where I would receive best-in-class advanced blood and genetic testing as well as consultations from top naturopathic doctors. After healing up, I started a nine month Vagabonding journey traveling along the coast of California and 8 other states while completing my book and attending some of the top conferences on the future of healthcare and biohacking. 

  • 2017 - I will launch my book, The Art of Health Hacking, in February-March of 2017. And we'll see what else the future holds...


TJ Anderson is an author, Clinical Health Coach, healthcare entrepreneur, and a self-proclaimed holistic health hacker. Over the last six years TJ has led Group INSANITY fitness classes, coached high performing entrepreneurs towards optimizing their health, and consulted for top hospitals and medical groups to deploy integrative health coaching strategies to empower their patients to optimal health. 

In 2015 he decided to take a break from health coaching to focus on self coaching, his personal process of optimizing his own health from the inside out. This would mark the start of a 2 year journey (and book writing process) of exploring the future of healthcare today. And perhaps more importantly what this means for people who want to leverage the latest and greatest ways to prevent sickness and burnout so they can feel and function at the top of their game. 

He is now launching his upcoming book, The Art of Health Hacking, about his journey. The premise? We don't lack the science, information, or technology to reach the health we desire. We lack the ART to know how to use those things.

His true passion is helping successful and purpose-driven entrepreneurs activate sustainable health hacker habits into their lives- so they can prevent burnout, elevate their energy, and feel and function at the top of their game in their mission of life. He’s also led several successful group health coaching programs, including: 

  • The Healthy Holiday Bootcamp

  • The 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge

  • The EntreHealth Mastermind

  • And the soon to be released…"Elevate Your State" Next Level Health Accelerator

TJ also serves as a brand ambassador for top health brands (like Bulletproof, Natural Stacks, BioCBD and Neuro Hacker Collective) so he’s always ahead of the curve researching the next great health hack. In his free time, he either travels the world attending health conferences, jetsets off the grid for adventure trips in nature, or spends time with with his family- where he relishes in playing uncle with his five nieces and nephews.  

"May we all pause and breathe. Let’s slow down to set our pace, and realize...it’s a journey and not a race. There are many ups and downs. The key is to ride the waves with love and grace."

As a model on and off for these last three years, I’ve worn several hats in my life. A brother, son, grandson, uncle, friend, entrepreneur, business partner. And I’ve been a student of life, health, and personal healing. You see, we all have different roles in our life- right now today. And we all have more power than we realize we have to design and influence  

We can all be role models for others in our actions, thoughts, words, in our day to day lives.