The 5 P's of Health Hacking

The 5 P's of Health Hacking

Hello my fellow health hackers,

Thanks for stopping by! Did you see my interview with Marcie Peters on her Cutting Edge Convention?

If so, I put together a quick video GIFT for you to remember some of the most important principles when approaching your health hacking adventure.

I call it The 5 P's of Health Hacking. :-) 

Enjoy this quick video HERE, and feel free to journal on your relationship with each of these 5 P's when you get a chance. Can make a HUGE difference as you approach your lifestyle and behaviors you may consider tweaking or trying. 

Cheers! to your Health Hacker journey. :-)


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Health Hacking 101: Embrace the Journey and Adventures of Life

If there’s one thing I can relay to you about my health hacking adventures it’s this. Health doesn’t come overnight. It’s not a competition. And it’s NOT about being perfect either.

As I’ve outlined in my upcoming book, The Art of Health Hacking, we’re called to evolve our definition of health in our world today. With so many mixed messages in our media it can be confusing to understand what’s true, what’s false, and what requires personal experimentation with.

That’s a key point right there. As I highlight in my free E-Book, the 7 Crucial Keys to Optimize Your Health & Energy, adopting an experimental mindset in your approach to health and improved life performance is imperative.

We are not static beings. We are dynamic, ever changing creatures that respond to light, water, food, people and our environment in unique ways.

Can we set goals?  Sure. Goals can be good.

But goals can also take away your happiness if you put much stake in reaching them.

Just the other day I had my weekly chance to floss. You see, I committed to flossing once per week about two months ago. And it was Sunday, my day to floss. But as the night went on I was pretty tired and didn’t have the motivation to floss. Instead of getting down on myself for not flossing, or even forcing myself to floss, I recommited to flossing the next day.

And guess what? I did. (You should have seen the food I got out from the night before.)

All joking aside, here is what I know.

It’s OK to make a commitment to a goal like flossing once per week. And it’s important to do your best to stick with it. But it’s even more important to listen to your body in the moment and be easy on yourself if carrying through your commitment doesn’t feel right in that moment.

In the past I might have gotten down on myself for not sticking with my commitment to the weekly goal of flossing every Sunday. No mas. I’ve allowed myself to adopt a bit of an artful approach to my lifestyle- where I can be fluid with health goals by listening to my body in the moment.

As a trained behavior change specialist through multiple advanced health coach trainings, as well as my own self-study and research in the field, I’ve learned a thing or two about the paradox of goals. I even talk quite a bit about these in my upcoming book, The Art of Health Hacking: How to Coach Your Self to Next Level Health, Stress Less, and Build Health Habits That Matter. (To grab a copy go here:  

In the book I talk about how Health Hacking is a a self coach approach to optimizing your health on your own. And how just as our popularized “Hero’s Journey”  shows us, we can be there hero in our own health journey as well.

Our health requires a commitment, of course, to treat our bodies with respect. But it also requires a commitment to enjoy the journey and being more creative and artful in our approach.

“Because we don’t lack the science, information or technology to live healthy. We lack the art to use them properly.”


You see, goals can help to fuel direction, but if you place too much weight on reaching said outcome goal, you’ll love sight of the process and the joy of the journey along the way.

Adopting smaller, short-term goals, building an experimental mindset, and loving and enjoying the where it’s at.

And that’s my commitment to you here at the Elevate Your State blog.

The Journey of Health Hacking is our goal, my friends. Commit to a process of developing short term goals with present moment awareness and the Journey will turn into...the destination.

So if you’ve already been on journey to intentionally optimize your health for the long haul, kudos for you. Let’s keep going! But first, take a break and pat yourself on the back and celebrate your progress. You deserve it.

If you’ve recently been awakened to the importance of taking your health to the next level with a bit more intention and action, that’s great to! Celebrate it the awareness and commit to moving forward patiently so you can enjoy the journey along the way.

Because the last thing we want to be is stressed as we try to improve our health.

Stay tuned for the next post. And if you liked this one, grab a copy of my upcoming book, The Art of Health Hacking, here.