The 5 P's of Health Hacking

Hello my fellow health hackers,

Thanks for stopping by! Did you see my interview with Marcie Peters on her Cutting Edge Convention?

If so, I put together a quick video GIFT for you to remember some of the most important principles when approaching your health hacking adventure.

I call it The 5 P's of Health Hacking. :-)

Enjoy this quick video HERE, and feel free to journal on your relationship with each of these 5 P's when you get a chance. Can make a HUGE difference as you approach your lifestyle and behaviors you may consider tweaking or trying. 

Cheers! to your Health Hacker journey. :-)


PS- I would also encourage you to join the Facebook I created for us all to come together and support each other in our quest for optimal health. It's called Health Hackers Unite and you can find it HERE.